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Key Features:

NFPA-Compliant Engineering: Our NFPA cylinders boast precision engineering that strictly adheres to National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) standards.

Rugged Build Quality: Crafted with robust materials, our NFPA cylinders ensure durability, reliability, and resilience in challenging industrial environments.

Tailored Performance: Enjoy the flexibility of tailored performance options with our NFPA cylinders, designed to meet the unique demands of your specific application.

Effortless Integration: Our NFPA cylinders feature standardized dimensions and mounting interfaces, facilitating easy integration into a variety of industrial setups.

Advanced Sealing Solutions: Choose from a range of advanced sealing options, including custom solutions, to ensure optimal performance in diverse operating conditions.

Versatility in Mounting Configurations: With multiple mounting configurations, our NFPA cylinders offer versatile solutions for seamless integration into different system designs.

Optimized Corrosion Resistance: Benefit from specialized coatings and materials that enhance corrosion resistance, extending the lifespan of our NFPA cylinders.

Smart Customization Choices: Tailor our NFPA cylinders to your specific needs with smart customization choices, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique industrial requirements.

Precision Motion Control: Experience precision motion control with our NFPA cylinders, providing accuracy and consistency in a wide range of industrial applications.

Innovative Efficiency: Our NFPA cylinders are innovatively engineered for efficiency, contributing to streamlined operations and increased productivity in industrial settings.



NFPA-standard cylinders serve as integral components in diverse industries, contributing to precise motion control and automation. These cylinders find application in various sectors, including:

Sustainable Energy: Deployed in wind turbines and solar power systems for accurate positioning and maintenance.

Telecommunications: Utilized for efficient movement in antenna positioning systems and satellite dish adjustments.

Biotechnology: Applied in laboratory automation and medical diagnostic equipment for precise sample handling.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Employed in wafer handling and semiconductor processing equipment for controlled movements.

Maritime Industry: Used in shipbuilding and maintenance for precise control in lifting and positioning heavy components.

Entertainment Technology: Incorporated in stage automation for smooth and controlled movements in theaters and concert venues.

Textile Machinery: Deployed in textile manufacturing for precise control in processes such as weaving and fabric handling.

Research and Development: Utilized in laboratories and research facilities for controlled movements in testing and experimentation.

Rail Transportation: Applied in rail systems for controlled door movements, braking, and other critical functions.

Environmental Monitoring: Utilized in environmental monitoring equipment for precise sensor adjustments and data collection.

NFPA-compliant cylinders play a crucial role in enhancing automation, efficiency, and precision across a wide range of industries.

Company Advantages

NTA covers a total land area of 35,800 squre meters, structure area of 39,000 squre meters.
NTA provide a one-stop service including design, measurement, production, delivery and after-sales service.
NTA products are CE, RoHS approved.

Frequently Asked Questions about pneumatic piston cylinder


If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?        


We will ship defected products in next order free of charge if the quality issue happens within warranty.


What is the standard of package?        


Export standard corrugated carton package or wooden case according to customer requirement.


Do you accept OEM business?        


Yes, we are OEM supplier.


What's the lead time ?        


Standard products 2-10 days, customized products 20-35 days.


What terms of shipping does your company offer?        


We offer door to door(DDP) delivery terms for North America and part of European countries, it saves customers' time and labor to treat importing process.

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