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AC Series Big Flow Filter Regulator+Lubricator

NTA AC big flowrate filter regulator lubricator is a big size integrated compressed air filter, compressed air regulator and lubricator units made in China, it is designed for applications which demand large compressed air flowrate. It is a reliable compressed air preparation for applications in uncritical environments, freely combinable within the NTA A series big flowrate(large size) FRL. Plastic bow and plastic bow with metal bow guard are optional for AC901, port thread 1-1/2'' and 2''. Working pressure from 0.15MPa to 0.85MPa. Grade of filtration 40 µm. Max flowrate 17500L/min. Differential pressure drain and auto drain are available, special guide structure makes the flowing gas spin properly to seperate the water from compressed air and filter solid particals efficiently. The complete series of filter regulator lubricator is offered with pressure gauge.