Pneumatic manifolds enable installation of multiple pneumatic solenoid valves in a centralized location where a single air supply and exhaust port is shared among all valves. The compact design of manifolds lowers the costs of valve installation by eliminating a large portion of tubing in the system, which results in minimal system complexity, quicker dismantling, less leakage and overall less maintenance costs. The shorter path flows resulted from using manifolds reduces pressure drops and overall system energy consumption. Pneumatic manifolds are used for applications that require numerous valves, such as, mobile machinery and heavy industrial equipment.

Manifolds come in different pressure ratings, number of stations, port sizes, flow rates, functions and housing materials. Some manifolds can also be brand specific, meaning they can only be used with that specific brand’s valves. Other manifolds adhere to standardized mounting patterns, like ISO 5599 and ISO 15407. This allows the manifolds to be used with valves manufactured by others. Welcome to inquire about wholesale pneumatic valve manifold price, NTA is the best choice of pneumatic manifold manufacturer.


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