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TPH Universal Elbow Brass Push on Fittings/Pneumatic Banjo Fitting/Metal Banjo Tube Fitting/Brass Banjo Fittings/Banjo Insert Fittings

NTA TPH universal elbow high quality nikel plated brass push on fitting/pneumatic banjo fitting/metal banjo tube fitting/brass banjo fitting is ideal when access is only possible from above and orientation of the tube is required.The push-in locking nuts can be tightened both manually and with a spanner even in case of stiff tubes like the PA or the Hytrel Polyester. The special shape of the guiding cone ensures that the tube cannot be accidentally cut. This range of modular fittings includes single and multiple configurations, allowing wide flexibility of design. It is suitable for use with nylon and urethane tube, large retaining force, it can be used for a wide range of pressures from a low vaccum up to a high pressure of 2.5MPa/362.5PSI, excellent resistance to high pressure and vacuum, excellent mechanical performance, Long threads to resist shock and vibration, excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance due to high phosphorus chemical nickel plating, Full flow, minimal pressure drop, excellent chemical compatibility, one fitting for numerous applications: stock optimisation, manual connection and disconnection, compact and ergonomic. long lifespan, air through and break life cycle number reaching 17.4 million cycles, it is 2.8 to 348 times of lifetime from other Chinese fitting suppliers(0.05 to 6.3 millions cycles). NTA brass push-on fittings are 100% leak-tested in production,guaranteed quality. Metal push-on fitting applications: Food Process, Coffee Machines, In-Plant Automotive, Medical Equipment, Printing Machines, Misting, Welding Robots etc.