Shock Absorber


Industrial shock absorbers work by converting kinetic energy to thermal energy, it significantly reduces shock and vibration to machinery and longer the machine lifetime. What’s more, production efficiency is increased because Titan industrial shock absorbers can stop the machine parts movements gently and quickly, machine maintenance cost is lower.

By using industrial shock absorbers, factory operation safety is also increased during machine operation.

Titan automation manufactures high quality adjustable industrial shock absorbers and non adjustable industrial shock absorbers which is also known as self compensation shock absorber, rate controls. Size covers from M6,M8,M10, M12, M14,M20, M25,M30,M36,M42,M64,M85.A wide range of mounting accessories are available.

NTA automation industrial shock absorbers are widely used in plastic bottle blowing machine, molding machine, industrial robotics, automotive manufacturing equipments, conveyors, food and beverage equipments etc.

We aim to be the top brand industrial shock absorber manufacturer in China.


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