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Rubber Suspension

A wide range of standard elements of Rubber Suspension Elements are used for anti-vibration mounts and elastic torsion mounts. These are used in multiple industries for springing, damping and supporting.

Our Oscillating Elements cover all possible industrial application. Mainly used in the conveyor technology. They are an integrational part of any screen, sifter, conveyor trough and discharge feeder.

AB-D Series Heavy Duty Elastic Support

★ Min-Max load: 500-1200(N)/pc,1000-2500(N)/pc, 2000-4000(N)/pc ★ Frequency: 5(HZ), 4.5(HZ), 4(HZ) ★ Net weight: 1.3KG,2.9KG,7.5KG

UE Series Anti-Vibration Mount

★ Min-Max load: 50-400(N)/pc,300-1250(N)/pc, 950-2050(N)/pc ★ Frequency: 0.4(HZ), 0.8(HZ), 1.5(HZ) ★ Net weight: 7-11KG,7-10KG,6-8KG

AB Series Light Duty Elastic Support

★ Min-Max load: 25~150mm ★ Frequency: 3.6(HZ), 3.2(HZ), 3(HZ) ★ Net weight: 0.5KG,1.2KG,2.2KG