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Hose & Air Gun

PU/PA/PE/PVC tubing
NTA manufactures standard metric and inch size PU tube, PU reinforces tube, PA nylon tube, PE tube, PVC reinforced tube, rubber and plastic reinforced tube. Tubes are widely used to transfer compressed air power to different actuators and finally become pushing force, pulling force, torque force etc, it is a necessary part of pneumatic system just like the blood vessel works in human body.

Spiral tubing
Spiral tubing is used whenever different working lengths and tensile loads are involved. Especially in connection with pneumatic tools (e.g. blow guns) spiral tubing is the suitable accessory.

Air blow guns
With the low consumption air guns you can blow compressed air onto various objects. Through an optimized lever operation, you can carry out a fine, infinitely variable dosing of the flow rate. In the classic application, blow guns are connected with a spiral tube and safety couplings.