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Machine tools

Pet Preform Production Line Solution

Car repair equipment

Rfid retail management,also could call rfid retail inventory management. As in this kind of application,stock monitor is the main application. Based on this , also could monitor price and marketing trends. And more functions could be added as an option,like quickly locate critical equipment

Agricultral equipment

The key part of whole production, with material cost control, production statistics, pieces of statistics. According to user needs, solution with Ethernet RFID reader and labels can also achieve the production line equipment operation monitoring and management.RFID systems in production management can make a significant contrib…

Beverage filling machinery

One overriding problem facing industrial laundry companies is how to efficiently manage the volume of items traveling from and to customers. Most such businesses not only provide cleaning services, but also products—such as floor mats, linens or uniforms. On a regular basis, a delivery worker picks up the soiled items, transp…

Automatic packaging equipments

Many cases, tock control at retail stores and warehouses are performed by reading a bar code or QR code for each individual item. The use of an RFID tag enables all product data to be read at the same time and reduces work load. Also, by installing dedicated RFID readers, it is possible to acquire customer and sales information…

Sewing machines

Manufacturers have growing needs for data and transparency in their supply chains. Paper-based tracking methods are no longer sufficient for modern systems as their timeliness and accuracy often does not meet the demands of the integrated systems. The prevalence of integrated RFID Warehouse Management System has driven business…