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Fitting & Quick Coupler


Except air source preparation, pneumatic actuator and directional valve, air fitting is also
an important member of  the pneumatic automation system. Compressed air force is transferred from air compressors to air source preparations, directional valves and finally arrive at pneumatic actuators via air hose, and NTA air fittings are widely used to connecting air hose with air source preparation, directional valve and pneumatic actuators. 

NTA manufactures wide range of air fittings for different applications:
pneumatic plastic push-in fittings, one touch tube fittings, stud Fittings, stud standpipe,
Stud Elbow, Extended Stud Elbow, Elbow, Stud Branch Tee, Stud Run Tee, Y Piece, Double Y
Piece, Tube-to-Tube Fittings,  Equal & Unequal Tube-to-Tube Connector, Equal & Unequal
Elbow, Equal & Unequal Tee, Equal & Unequal Single Y Piece, Equal & Unequal Cross,
Bulkhead Connector Fittings,Equal Bulkhead Connector, Equal Mixed Bulkhead Connector,
Bulkhead Connector,Equal Bulkhead Elbow,Multiple Fittings,Equal & Unequal Multiple Y
Piece,Multiple Tee,90° Multiple Elbow, In-Line Manifold,Plug-In Fittings and Accessories,
Equal & Unequal Plug-In Elbow,Equal Plug-In Elbow,Extended Equal and Unequal Plug-In
Elbow,45° Plug-In Equal Elbow,Equal & Unequal Plug-In Run Tee,Equal & Unequal Plug-In
Branch Tee,Equal & Unequal Plug-In Single Y Piece,Multiple Plug-In Y Piece,Stem Connector

Plug-In Reducer & Increaser,Blanking Plug,Plug-In Barb Connector,End Cap,hexagon socket

head male connector. Male connector, bulkhead union, different diameter union Y,hexagon socket head connector, union tee, straight union, straight union, union Y,extended male elbow, male elbow fittings,different diameter tee, female connector, male branch tee, union elbow,different diameter straight push-in fittings, plug,Miniature fitting,speed controller with one touch fitting,  barbed fittings, brass adapters, brass plugs, mini pipe fittings, speed controllers, hand valve, throttle valve etc.

Thread types: G/BSPP thread fitting, R/BSPT thread fitting,NPT thread fitting Connecting types: push-in fittings, plug-in connector, push on fittings, push to connect fittings, one touch fittings, metal screw lock fittings, rapid push on fittings, insert fittings, compression fittings, push-to-connect fittings

Material types: Brass push-in fitting,Plastic push-in fitting, Stainless Steel push-in fitting,connect fittings,one touch fittings, metal screw lock fittings, rapid push
on fittings,insert fittings,compression fittings, push-to-connect fittings
After years of improving, we developed an innovative structure which helps NTA pneumatic push in fitting life time reaching 16 million cycles, while other fitting suppliers in China only reaching 0.05 to 5 million cycles.

Quick Couplings And Safety Couplings From NTA Enable You To Supply Pneumatic Systems With Compressed Air Quickly And Easily. Different Sizes Allow Different Applications To Be Addressed. Couplings Are Traditionally Used In Pneumatic Tools, Hall Installations And Laboratory Equipment. NTA Has Europe type self-lock mini coupler, Japan type pneumatic quick coupler, USA type pneumatic quick coupler, Europe type pneumatic quick coupler, Australian type pneumatic quick coupler.  

PC-C Straight Thread-Mini Push in Fitting

★ Working pressure: 0~1.2MPa ★ Tube OD: 4,6mm ★ Fluid: Air

EP-D Branch Tee-Mini Push in Fitting

★ Working pressure: 0~1.2MPa ★ Tube OD: 4,6mm ★ Fluid: Air

PP Plug