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Air Preparation


The air preparation combination unit ensures the correct compressed air quality and filters compressor oil, condensate and dirt particles from the air. Depending on the application, a service unit consists of a pressure regulator, various filters, a branch module and pressurization and exhaust valves. Various combinations are available and in stock. In addition, service units can be configured individually in the MS modular system.

FRLs is a combination of air filter, air regulator(air compressor regulator or air pressure regulator), and lubricators. In order to meet different applications, NTA provides various choices with different structures and features, including D series high quality FRL(FESTO type FRL) which is very popular in European market,  A series stable quality FRL(SMC type FRL) widely sold in European, Asian and American markets , G series gauge built in FRL(AIRTAC type) high acceptance in Asian and European markets, U series metal bowl FRL, A/B Series Economic type FRL, AC big flowrate series FRL, IR Series high Precision Regulator, QT Series High Pressure FRL. NTA air preparation units are widely used in below industries together with pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, air fittings:                                Automotive industry, electronic industry, food processing and packaging, chemical industry, water technology, medical technology, laboratory automation, process industry, textile industry, woodworking industry, machine tools and 3D printers. 

QFH Series Filter Regulator

★ Working pressure: 0.05~0.8MPa ★ Fluid: Compressed air ★ Filter precision: 5μm or 40μm ★Port sizte: G1/8·G1/4

Zl-02 Oiler

ZF-02 Filter

R07 Regulator

R200 Regulator

IR Series Precision Regulator

★ Fluid: Compressed air ★ Filter precision: 5μm or 40μm ★Port sizte: G1/8·G1/4·G3/8·G1/2

SFC Series Filter Regulator+Lubricator

★ Working pressure: 0.15~0.85MPa ★ Max flowrate: 1400 L/min ★ Fluid: Compressed air ★ Filter precision: 5μm or 40μm ★Port sizte: G1/4·G3/8·G1/2